Minotaur Slavery

The Minotaurs were once a proud tribal race of Gigantica. They lived among the steppes of the land, and mined the stone from the numerous granite quarries of the country. They were experts in their trade, masters of the stone and built amazing architectural works during their early years as a civiliation. That could not last however.
When the giants united under the court of the six kings, they moved swiftly across the land once belonging to the minotaurs, slaying all who opposed them. The giants saw the wonders that the horned beastmen could produce and enslaved them for their own gain. This lasted for thousands of years, with the Giants building a vast and powerful empire on the backs of their skilled slaves.
Minotaur slaves had one of their horns broken at age five, and the broken horn stamped with the crest of their owner. One of the punishments for a rebellious slave was to have his other horn broken, shaming him to his race and branding him for everyone to see. It is extraordinarily rare to see a minotaur with 2 full horns, meaning that he was born out of slavery, and only one is known to live on Gigantica itself; the great rebel Kaminos.
Recently minotaurs have begun to disappear from their masters services, only to reappear on other continents as free men. Those that escape their internment try and meld into society and stay hidden, fearful that their masters may come to exact their revenge. They try and find others of their kind so that they can start a new life and bring their race back to the heights it had once achieved. Brigandole has become a popular area for Minotaurs to emigrate, where they are not persecuted for their past lives as slaves, although they are occasionally targets for bounty hunters in the area.