Group Information And Resources


Brad Webb - Jorgen Skarsgard - Dwarven Paladin
Brent Webb - Tommy J - Human Ranger
John Hall - Davhand Loyalar Human Inquisitor of Capitalism; Ougrox - Half-orc sorcerer
Matt Berthelot - Lazlo Twin Hammer wielding human fighter
Mitch Edmondson - Markus Drunken brawling monk devoted to Shamus the god of Drunks and Gamblers


Capital Goods Influence Labor Magic GP Bank
Brad (Jorgen) 15 0 1 0 0
Brent (Tommy J) 5 3 33 0 0
John (Davhand) 2 13 0 0 0
Bert (Lazlo) 0 0 0 0 93 gp
Mitch (Markus) 0 0 0 0 0
Group 0 0 0 0 0

Group Treasury

Unassigned treasure:
Diving Suit (+1 Swim), Loaded Dice
Amethyst (130 gp), Chrysoprase (65gp), Green Spinel (100 gp), 60gp in coins

Player Buildings

Lazlo's Hammers - Owned by Lazlo; Operational, was built May 16th 1446. A smithy in Towering Oaks where Lazlo spends his downtime blacksmithing, making useful everyday goods for the public at extremely reasonable prices.
Davhand's Dockside Amenities - Owned by Davhand; Operational, was built June 19th 1446. A shop in Towering Oaks, sells goods that he imports from his family warehouses in the larger Ossian cities.
Loyalar Northern Docks - Owned by Davhand; In construction, will be built August 5th 1446. A Pier where Davhand plans to start importing goods from his family warehouses and shipping TO goods out to markets.
Dockside Housing District - Owned by Davhand; In construction, will be built August 19th 1446. A home for Davhand as well as a housing district for the middle class of Towering Oaks.

Player Organizations

Black Arrows Type Group - Owned by Tommy J A group of Archers and soldiers conscripted from reformed criminals to pay their debt to society.

Player Contacts

Contact Rules

Ailion - Thug - Trust (Trustworthy 4)
A convicted elven murderer who had been involved in the bandit raids on Towering Oaks. Not much is known about him, but he owes the party his life and so can potentially be called upon for aid in getting anything done in the criminal world down his way in Marten's Landing.

Ygin Earthfate - Noble - Trust (Reliable3)
Similar to the type of contact Outsider. Ygin is from a new clan seeking to make their fortune and establish themselves as a legitimate and renown worthy clan. The Earthfates split off from the Blackhand clan over disagreements dealing with the communism movement. Though the Earthfates aren't incredibly pro-slavery they are exceptionally anti-communism, and so they had to get away from Ostivakia with what resources they had on them and start anew. Ygin is relying on the party to help him establish a Quarry in the area. If they successfully do so he will increase his trust and can be called upon to help out with dwarf related matters of minor importance.