North Ossia



Grandia and Ossia have settled into an uneasy truce over the last 15 years. The release and destruction of the Tarrasque wrought a significant amount of destruction across the countrysides of both nations, and then upon the assassination of the Queen of the Dragon Council which ruled Grandia the nation fell into disarray for a time as warring factions vied for supremacy over the others and to seat a new monarch. Not many in Ossia know what happened next, just that the in-fighting suddenly stopped and Grandia's borders got quiet for a time, which has put everyone rightfully on edge. Over the last year there has been a renewal in minor border skirmishes and incidents, but they're not threatening so much as just plain weird; a town mysteriously abandoned without any sign of struggle, mysterious fortresses that nobody knew about being discovered recently destroyed, tales of undead soldiers rising from the grave and marching off into the night. Adventurers have started to head to the border to investigate what's been happening, but Ossia can't muster nearly the amount of help it used to back before the war.

The Republic of Northwood

Northwest of Ossia's northern territories, Northwood started as a simple frontier town not long ago and as it grew in population and influence it's people demanded independence from the nation they originally called home. Ossia acquiesced, largely because it had too much to deal with in the northern territories already with the growing fascist sentiment taking hold and they saw a willing vassal/ally as a much better asset then a potential rebellious state. Ossia officially recognizes Northwood's right to exist but desperately wants it's resources for itself and would absorb the nation if it could afford to devote the manpower to the undertaking.

The Dominion of Arlain

Led by a Vampire Lord, previously a Duke of Ossia and a General in it's National Army, Lord Horatio d'Arlain. Horatio found his father during the war, striking deep into unknown territory in the Razoin Peaks with his army in tow. A disastrous tactical decision left his entire army at the mercy of his father's undead hordes and in order to spare them being ripped apart, Horatio offered his sword to let them go. The elder undead laughed at the naivete of his son and turned him to serve at his side as his thrall, then forced him to watch his horde devour his men anyway. Horatio spent years fighting his father's overpowering mental control until he finally ripped himself away long enough to flee into Ossia and find some of his old companions, as well as a number of undead hunters from the Order of the Restful Dead. With their help they stormed his father's keep and killed the Vampire master, at which point the full extent of Horatio's powers were revealed to him.
Horatio was not always undead, and his ties with Ossia mean their borders are bizarrely peaceful under his reign. When he took over his small nation he placed strict limits upon it's ruling class of Aristocratic undead

The People's Republic of Ostivakia

The Elven Principalities of Xalliman