The Republic of Northwood is in the Northwest of the continent of Caanas, in between Ossian and Xalliman territory, just south of the great northern wall. It is a recently formed government, officially founded January 1st 1449. Northwood started as a frontier town that rapidly expanded and gained influence in it's surrounding area. The government is both respected and resented by it's neighbors, who generally approve of the nation, but believe their land claim is shaky at best.

Government Structure

Northwood is considered an Oligarchy, though it's council refers to itself as a Republic, with power resting in the hands of a few noble houses that hold offices. The head of government is known as the Chairman, and it is a position that is held until they either retire, or are voted out of office by the people on a non-confidence vote. The Ministers are chosen individually by the Chairman, though it is done in view of, and with consideration to, the current seated ministers' opinions. Majority vote usually holds true, though the Chairman does have Veto power.
Party Delegates are chosen by their own parties and their status in the council is largely based on their popularity and sway within the local population. The Greencaps Nationalist Party was recently allowed a delegate due to increased Nationalistic sentiment in the town, which was causing a fair amount of political distress at the time, if their political sway were to wane, the position would be dissolved.
The Commander of the Civil Guard, The Special Activities Director, and the Minister of Internal Affairs, are picked by the Chairman himself.
The Chairman may retire at any time, and is responsible for appointing his successor when doing so. If he is removed with a vote of no confidence, his replacement is voted in by the people in a special election. In that case the Minister of Finance and Commerce will facilitate the voting process. If he is killed, the Minister of Military Might steps in to his seat, and the council begins a selection. If a 2/3 majority is achieved in the council's internal voting then the candidate is elected; if not, the public votes on their choice.

Positions in Republic Council

Position Name in Northwood Position Name Details
Chairman Ruler Malchai Fairchild Noble businessman. (Expert 3, Aristocrat 7)
Minister of Finance and Commerce Treasurer Vacant Vacant after the Loyallar Assassination
Minister of Military Might General Rianna Woodsman
Minister of Foreign Affairs Grand Diplomat Aola Strongshield
Minister of Religion and Ceremony High Priest Gareth Xeriniak
Minister of Magic and Eductation Magister Vacant Was professor Brazenfist, but he turned out to be a dragon in disguise
Minister of National Security Marshal Bessa Onehorn
Minister of Internal Security Spymaster Tyllwyl Tan
Minister of Justice and Punishment Royal Enforcer Vacant as of right now
Minister of Public Works Royal Engineer Ygin Earthfate
Capitalist Delegate Councillor Vacant Vacant after the Loyallar Assassination
Communist Delegate Councillor Vlad Gildson
Nationalist Delegate Councillor Vacant Jack Greencap recently fled the area after being suspected of the Loyallar Assassination
Special Activities Director Royal Assassin Lerris Instated by "Slim Jim" recently
Commander of the Civil Guard Warden Vacant Dagvo, the previous warden was killed in the Dragon attack.

Power Groups

Northern Trade Consortium Capitalist Party
Red Oaks Communist Party
The Greencap Nationalists
Quinn's Quickjacks - Oldtown Smugglers

Rusty Rats - Wererat sewer gang of black market fences, almost entirely wiped out by whom they suspect was Brushfire.

History of Northwood

  • History of Northwood - Narrative history of the foundation and evolution of the Republic of Northwood.