Obsidian Spear Of Kings

Originally it was just known as the Obsidian Spear, and was a relic of a great Orc hunter who founded the tribe known as the Black Spears. Tim descended into the Ancestral Burial cave in order to retrieve the spear and fend off the Ossian invaders who were attacking his village.

Lesser Obsidian Spear

+1 Changeling Returning Flaming Obsidian Spear
This spear is carved entirely out of one piece of solid obsidian, it glimmers with a faint flicker of flame throughout the shaft and a comfortable heat emanates from it. It deals an extra +1d6 fire damage on a hit, has a +1 enhancement, and has the changeling special ability, allowing it to take the form of either a shortspear, spear or longspear as sized for it's wielder.

True Obsidian Spear of Kings
+3 Changeling Returning Humanbane Flaming Burst Obsidian Spear
The spear has become more ornate and vicious looking overtime and the flames actually flow across it's surface occasionally coming off of the weapon itself. It has all the abilities listed above, as well as 1/day has Dominate Monster, 1/day Wall of Fire and 1/day Elemental Body

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