Old Grudges And New Dimensions

New game starting in Xalliman


This game is intended to be played as a more serious, role-playing experience. This could mean an entire session or two without combat, a lot of conversation, and a requirement to actually roleplay. The world is largely undeveloped and as so you will be fleshing it out with your actions, so take that into account with your roleplaying. If your character is spouting on about his training and mentions that he trained in a hilltop monastery in the land of Shang under the master Li-fei, then those places and people now exist. Don't feel as if you have to fit all your conversation, backstory or fiction into the world as it already exists, you are free to make up whatever you want.
On that note, it is highly encouraged to write accompanying fiction or character journals or the like. There will be in-game rewards for out-of-game contributions like that, perhaps in the form of Action-Points to allow cinematic scenes or incredibly lucky outcomes. That will be discussed at our first session.

Books: Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Advanced Race Guide - For character creation, after creation all official PF books are fair game.
Races: Preferably core races; though the Advanced Race Guide adds in exotic races it would be optimal to not have more than 2 members of the party being some kind of crazy frog race.
Gods: Nature of Divinity will explain how divinity and godhood works in this world. Gods will have a table of all gods allowed for use in this game world.

Party Info

Player Character Name Race Class Description Fate Card
Jamie Lucatiel Gnome Oracle 5 NG Healer, bickers with her husband often, feels matronly towards her closest friends. The Brass Dwarf
Nick Straid Half-Elf Rogue 5 NE Thief, Sneaky trapspringer and Assassin The Inquisitor
Liz Gendalf Sylph Wizard 5 CG Woodland Wizard, like a mad druid. Found her spellbook and taught herself how to use it over the years. ?
Bella Valendron? Elf (Wood Elf) Sorcerer 6 A sorcerer tied to the plane of air, sent on this quest by the regent of Silver Falls, Prince Vargas. ?

House Rules

Reforging - If you possess a magic item that has a magical effect you want to harvest, you can substitute it for experience and spells that you need to supply.
Building a Stronghold - Building player property will use these rules, adapted from the 3rd Edition D&D supplement, Stronghold Builder's Handbook.

Important Info and Lore

Old Grudges Story - The story of the party to date.


Aester Fields - Where the party solved the mystery of the corrupted Spirit of the Fields, saving the village from starvation or a fate much worse.
The Principalities of Xalliman - The Elven national conglomerate, consisting of several city states and provinces ruled by individual noble families, but united by racial pride.
Silver Falls - A known crossing point between planes, with the water from it's falls being renowned for enabling interplanar travel.
Wintersmith - A human frontier town, controlled by Ossia.
Towering Oaks - A small border town, growing quickly under the direction and care of their patron adventuring group. Is a point of contention between Xalliman and Ossia.

DM Info

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