Old Grudges Story

(Will fill in with player's actual character names later)
Jamie, Nick and Liz are summoned by Prince Vargas, the reigning elven prince of Silver Falls, to his court in the City-state. He sends Bella to personally retrieve the adventurers, trusting in her skills with magic and weaponry to keep them safe on their journey there. The only information Bella is given as to the reason for their summoning is that Jamie has extensive knowledge and experience with the planes and their interactions with the mortal material plane, and Liz is acutely in tune with the local geography and the natural state of arcane magic in the land. It seems that there have been some planar disturbances and the prince needs their expertise to help advise him on a course of action.
One of these planar disturbances becomes obvious en route to the city; two days into the journey they are attacked by a Tenebrous Worm which was lurking in wait by the road.

Remaining events to detail
Bella Lightning bolts, tries to stab Bella poisoned, Jamie saves, Nick Stabs,
Enter the town
Take the carrot
Speak to townsfolk
Wake to screams
Situation explanation
Discuss finding the eggs
Travel to the well
Cross the bridge, Liz falls, feather fall
Nick misses the trap on the well
Lowering bucket with a snake in it as Nick cowers
Offer snake to the Dire Bats in the cave looking for Nick
Pull Nick up as the bats go crazy
Cross over bridge again, Bella and then Liz fall. Nick catches Bella, Liz casts feather fall again.
Sneak up and pick pocket the Ettin
Work their way to Spiders, blow up with a fireball, then Nick stabs it, Bella shoots it in the eyes, it runs up the trees and gets fireballed again
Start the commune with the rabbit spirit, attacked by the ravenous rabbit.
Notice a glimmer of invisibility, Liz uses Chippy to give Jamie See Invisibility, Jamie marks the spot that the evil pixie is watching from, everyone engages it; Liz gets dummied by the rabbit spirit almost killing her, Jamie stabilizes her, Bella fries the pixie with a lightning bolt.
Jamie slides under the rabbit as it lunges at her, it smashes open the altar revealing a stockpile of food, the offerings that the pixie had been stealing. Jamie grabs the pixie and throws it at the rabbit to eat.
Rabbit regains it's composure and offers them golden eggs as compensation for the damage it had done. 3 each, worth 2,000gp apiece.