This is all pre-war info on the united nation of Ossia, must be updated to reflect current situation.


Capital: Rockwell Reach
Population: 3,700,000 (% humans, % gnomes, % half-elves, % elves, % dwarves, % halflings, % other)
Exports: Weapons, armor, tools, processed ore, metalwork, lumber, manufactured goods, heavy industry
Languages: Common, Gnome, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Orc, Goblin, Sahuagin
Government Type: Figurehead Monarchy, with an elected senate mainly composed of merchant nobles.
Country Theme: Industrial/Commercial, military might is mainly mercenary. A trade hub.
National Colors: Field Green and Gold highlights.
National Flag/Crest: A solid green field with a gold oxe centered, above the oxe are a golden axe and hammer crossed.
National Motto: To great deeds come great reward.




Mainly rural farms and mines. Cities are focused on trade and the refinement of raw materials into highly sought after manufactured goods. Ossian Metalworking and Carpentry is known throughout the continent, and the countryside is home to plentiful fertile fields and seams of precious metals and gems are threaded through the hills and mountains.




Rockwell Reach - Capital City of Ossia, named for it's founder, Cole Rockwell. Is Southwest from Drakewatch, along the main land trade route west to Xalliman from Kraken Bay.
Kraken Bay - Large city southfrom Drakewatch along the coast, is primary shipping city.
Drakewatch - Starting town for players. An overland trading crossroads.
Chaos Crossing - What was once King's Crossing, a central trading hub and major river crossing; has become a haven for all manner of illegal activity since the Tarrasque was trapped beneath it's streets.
Sandpoint - Coastal town along the border to the Salt Flats
Pine Ridge - A north eastern town along the forest close to the Grandian border. Built on a healthy timber and carpentry industry.
Angwar Keep - A large town used as a military strongpoint along the Ossia/Grandia border.
Arlain - Sir Horatio's duchy, awarded to him by the Senate for securing them a number of mining sites in southeastern Ossia.


Hellspine Mountain Range - The Mountain range which runs west to east dividing the continent in half. It is this mountain range which houses the great glacier and artic tundra that Infernia lays claim to.
Craggy Peak - A small settlement in the Hellspine Mountains which polices the only road into Infernia from Ossia.
Lava Lane - A small town along the southern trade route between Xalliman and Ossia. Built close to an active coastal volcano, hence why the sea trade route is favored over the slightly more risky land one.
Burning Sands - A desert inhabited by fiercely territorial tribes of Jubruq, Gnolls and Scorpionfolk.
Moradin's Mouth - An active Volcano north of Angwar Keep in the Hellspine mountains,
Azure Peak - A mine ~30 miles north of Drakewatch.
Thundersteel Mine - A destroyed Dwarven mine, one of the first targets of saboteurs during the Ossian-Grandian war, tainted with a Chaos Bomb and ruled by Umoc.
Ghostlands - Former town of Lamplight, destroyed in a magical accident that instantly killed every living being in a 5 mile radius.



The Ossian professional military is small, as the majority of the countries efforts have traditionally been focussed on the production and trade of goods. It has recently been bolstered with a large influx of patriotic citizens who have taken up arms to defend their homeland from the imminent Gradian threat, but it will likely not be enough. The Ossian government has begun hiring mercenaries to help train new recruits and help fill in the ranks so they can stand a fighting chance. Because of this there are a large number of mercenaries from other nations in Ossian ranks. Halfling Chocobo cavalry from the mountains, Elven Scouts and Beastmasters from Xalliman and Lizardfolk marines to bolster the coastguard, are just some examples of what might be seen fighting alongside traditional Ossian Legions.
The Ossian Navy is experienced at defending their trade routes and is of a decent size, but is not experienced or equipped for attacking an enemy coast. Lizardfolk privateers from Tropicantis have been hired as privateers to attack the Grandian Navy before war is officially declared.

Ossian Army Ranks

Ossian Army Decorations

Ossian Army Units



Increasingly hostile. Grandia is making a grab for more land to appease it's bloodthirsty citizens, and Ossia is in the way. Relations are much the same as McCarthy era America and Russia. No overt military action has been taken as of yet, but troop movement in both countries is quite frequent and obvious. Clandestine missions have been undertaken on both sides.

The Republic of Northwood

Northwest of Ossia's northern territories, Northwood started as a simple frontier town not long ago and as it grew in population and influence it's