Ossian Reds

Mandate: Freedom and Fairness for All
Methods: Strikes, economic sanctions, non-lethal caravan raids, inciting protests and riots
Leader: Osta Blackhand
Associated Groups: Red Keys


During the recent war a movement rose up in the west, headed by their charismatic dwarven female leader Osta Blackhand, called Red Ossia, or the Ossian Reds. They started pushing for the abolishment of slavery within their dwarven community, and then eventually the world, as well as fair treatment and equal wages for workers. Blackhand came from a family of means, but after seeing the way her family had been doing business she liquidated her empire and started working for the common man. She funded what some would call terrorist fighters to free slaves, destroy factories using them, and raid supply lines. She held conferences for influential members of the dwarven community sympathetic to her cause, and even some outside nations, spreading her idealogy as far as possible. Her delegates spread all throughout Ossia and beyond, and when the war finally came to a cease fire, she demanded that either Ossia officially ban slavery or her mountain city home of Golden Hills would secede from the nation. Ossia was too weak from the war to fight the insurrection, and it's controlling merchants too poor to give up their cheap labor, so they acquiesced and the fully Communist Ostivakia was born within it's borders.
Now Ossia is struggling with labor unions and riots in it's own communities as word of the prospering Ostivakia reaches the populace by way of dissident propagandists on the Blackhand payroll. Slavers are being robbed by slave abolishers who call themselves the Red Keys, for they unlock the shackles of the oppressed. The once enslaved monstrous races taken from Grandia and beyond have been integrating themselves into their new homes, bringing a ramshackle bestial slave culture to the proletariat as well as some bringing Ossian magic and technological advancements back to their original home with vengeance in mind; with a great number of this freed slaves joining the Red Keys themselves.
Osta has withdrawn for the publically militant side of the Reds, preferring to take an advisory role in the movement, acting as a diplomat in national level discussions with regards to matters of slavery, worker treatment, and the protection of the lower class. She has become a symbol of the movement, a hero to the lower classes around the world, and a model for those humble members of the upper class who wish to make a change at their own expense.
The female dwarf still has her hand in the more militant activities of the movement however; just not publically, often coordinating attacks, raids or demonstrations in disguise or through intermediaries. She also works closely with the Red Keys, though they are actually independant of her leadership now.