Idependant Dwarven Communist City-State in Ossia. Used to be a mining town called Golden Hills, declared itself an independant state after riots led by their hero Lady Osta Blackhand. The riots started after the city was severely overtaxed by their ruling Ossian Noble, Aric Nizar. As a result the city-state of Ostivakia was formed and a system of Communist government was instituted.
The Golden Hills riot occured at 0+8, so the communist regime is fairly young. Soldiers will remember being young and hungry under Nizar's rule, and recognize prosperity under Lady Osta's regime.
Trade is strictly regulate, standardized, and industry is subsidized by the government. Communism is largely successful in this case, but is not without it's problems. The Free Trade Commission seeks the markets of Ostivakia to be non-regulated again, and so they secretly commission raids on caravans to incur expensive tariff balancing fees on the government.