Craft Alchemy List

Ougrox can learn new recipes by familiarizing himself with them using a craft alchemy check to reverse engineer it. Has two empty slots due to not being able to make Holy Water and Everburning Torches

Name Type Cost
Acid (Item) 10 gp
Alchemist's Fire (Item) 20 gp
Antitoxin (Item) 50 gp
Smoke Stick (Item) 20 gp
Sunrod (Item) 2 gp
Tanglefoot Bag (Item) 50 gp
Thunder Stone (Item) 30 gp
Tindertwig (Item) 1 gp
Opium (Drug) 25 gp
Yellow Musk (Poison) (Must be harvested)
Shiver (Drug) 500 gp
Zerk (Drug) 50 gp
Scour (Drug) 45 gp

Empty Slot
Empty Slot