Power Groups

Silvercloaks - Internationally recognized adventurer chartering service and guild.

Political Movements

Ossian Reds - The result of Osta Blackhand's anti-slavery and communist revolution which also created the communist city-state of Ostivakia.
Red Keys - Associated with the Ossian Reds, an anti-slavery militant abolitionist group.

Religious Cults and Groups

Everburning Flame - Destructive Flame Cult
Reclaimers - Cult of Gaia, trains assassins to kill gods.


Desert Tribes of Scorching Wastes
Blackspears - Orcs, originally settled Grandia
Gray Ones - Half-Undead Mummy Worshippers

Razoin Dragoons: A bloodthirsty band of Razoins worst criminals from all walks of the worlds races. Attacking caravans, adventurer's and anyone else deemed valuable enough to steal from or kidnap they are feared throughout the Mountainside. Although they appear a ragtag bunch they are well organized in tactics having a great advantage in knowledge of their land and the many escape routes they have created through the years. Led by Havenious Grouton the dragoons swear fealty to no other. Mainly situated to the eastern ranges they have been spotted in small groups moving slowly closer to the center of the mountains.