This is an index of races that are available for play in my world. All of them are either OGL content from Pathfinder's website or homebrew creations made using their Race Builder tool. There are rules for integrating advanced and monstrous player races into the party without them doing overpowered, which I will detail below. All rules are Open Source from the OGL, any additional information will be of my own writing. I will list the source for detailed write-ups as well, so that you can look them up in the Pathfinder books; I highly recommend the Advanced Race Guide as it is a stupendous resource for this.

Race Name Description Abilities Languages Source
Human The world's youngest race, although some religions and idealogies claim that they're actually the oldest one and all other races are genetically linked to Human ancestors. They've expanded to cover most of the main continent of Caanas. +2 to One Ability Score; Bonus Feat; +1 Skill Rank Common; Any PFRPG/ARG
Dwarf In long years past they fought back the giant invasion, now in recent memory they both started off the recent slave culture as well as pioneering the Communist idealogy, creating a deep racial rift between clans. +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma; Darkvision, +4 AC Vs Giants, +1 Atk Vs Orc/Goblins, +2 Saving throw vs poison, spells and spell-like abilities, Stability, Stonecunning Common and Dwarven; Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, Undercommon PFRPG/ARG

Standard Races

Dwarf -

Uncommon Races

Changeling - Changelings and Dopplegangers now rule over the shapechanger dominated city of Ruby Spires, what was once an Ossian city on the border of the Razoin Peaks mountain ranges.
Draconian - Humanoid dragons which come in many varieties. Primarily from the Razoin Peaks and across the eastern sea.
Lizardfolk - At home in swamps and wetlands as well as on the open seas, as so they live in the sub-continental islands of Tropicantis and are largely linked to the pirate trade out of there. They have a strong presence in and around Kraken Bay in Ossia.
Lycanthropes - The curse of Lycanthropy began out of the druidic deep forests in pre-historic Xalliman, and although it has since spread beyond the forest's borders their spiritual home is still the deep fey woods.
Tengu - Humanoid Raven race; at home on the ships, and so usually serves in the naval traditions of various nations. Their homeland is the cliffs of the Razoin Peaks.

Homebrew Uncommon Races

Lupinal - A humanoid wolf. Pack hunter, druidic.
Mekkfellow - Also called SouthGnomes, a weak but highly intelligent cousin of Gnomes.
Jubruq - Desert Dwelling nomads, an ancient pairing of Orc, Elf and Infernal God.
Rhinok - A powerful charger, lives in the valleys around The Razoin Peaks and on Anaruk. Can not wear normal boots, must instead wear horseshoes.
Lemurian - A saurian shifting race that lives in The Honored South among the halflings and Mekkfellow.
Shaqqi - (Temp Name) - Quick and agile woodland dwellers resembling humanoid squirrels. Eccentric herbivores, live up near the Lupinals. They have slightly Kender-ish qualities.

Progenitor Races

These races were the creatures who once inhabited the strange Ruined Lands to the west. Some examples of each race may still exist, but likely in mutated, savage or insane variations.
Drengar - A technologically advanced race, was all but wiped out in the Mind Wars.
IlYor - An insectoid psionic race, built a highly advanced hive nation in the far west, but were wiped out by the Drengar. The psychic backlash of their mass genocide had far-reaching consequences however, and the Drengar nation was crippled as a result.

Less Common Races

Elan - Created by the Giants to help decipher Aberrant Old One Magic and call Old Ones in Psionic deep space summoning rituals.

Races from Advanced Race Guide

Compile races here, find places for them as we go.

Using Advanced/Monstrous Races

You may remember Level Adjustments from D&D 3.5, these work similarly to those. When I create races they will be listed as Standard, Advanced, Monstrous, Elite, and Epic, along with their RP value. These are determined based on the Power Level of the race as listed in the Race Builder and how many RP were used to create it.

Challenging Advanced and Monstrous Races

Because they have powerful racial traits and abilities, advanced and monstrous races require greater challenges, especially at lower levels. The basic guideline for accomplishing this is to treat a group of characters with advanced and monstrous races as a level or more higher for a number of levels based on their total RP spent, using the following chart. Calculate the party's adjusted average party level, and use that number, rather than the actual APL, when creating encounters and adventures for the group. For groups with mixed power levels, average the RP and round the result to the nearest multiple of 10.

Average Party Level
Average RP 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20
20 +1 Level +0 Level +0 Level +0 Level
30 +2 Level +1 Level +0 Level +0 Level
40 +3 Level +2 Level +1 Level +0 Level