Running A Kingdom

House Rules

Change these, Hexes going back to normal size.


Follow here for a unified list of buildings. This will put together their combined information from both the Kingmaker perspective, the personal building perspective, and the earnings from the rooms portion.
Kingmaker Buildings
Kingmaker Rooms
Kingmaker Teams
Kingmaker Army Units

Leadership Role Skills

Each leadership role provides bonuses to kingdom statistics based on one of the leader's ability scores. The GM may want to allow a leader's ranks in a relevant skill (such as Diplomacy or Intimidate) to also affect the kingdom statistics. For every 5 full ranks in a relevant skill, the leader may increase the leadership modifier by an additional 1. These skill-based additional bonuses modify the standard leadership role bonuses in the same way that the Leadership feat grants additional bonuses.
The relevant skills for each leadership role are as follows.

Ambassador: Diplomacy
Consort: Knowledge (nobility)
Councilor: Knowledge (local)
General: Profession (soldier)
Grand Diplomat: Diplomacy
Heir: Knowledge (nobility)
High Priest: Knowledge (religion)
Magister: Knowledge (arcana)
Marshal: Survival
Royal Enforcer: Intimidate
Ruler: Knowledge (nobility)
Spymaster: Sense Motive
Treasurer: Profession (merchant)
Viceroy: Knowledge (geography)
Warden: Knowledge (engineering)