Session 2 Fresh Start

Belrack is found in his cabin underground and demands his purple high backed chair to be taken to his shack down by the lake as he is awarded the title of "Master of Commerce".
The exploration party returns the night of the 6th and calls a town hall meeting the next morning, where they fill in the rest of the town on the events at White Wolf Woods. Rayik agrees to settle the area and be a link between the White Wolf and Pseudodragons, as well and explore the area and cultivate the pears for purposes of brewing.
Bobbo reveals that there is half a ship missing thanks to the crash, and Belrack insists that it is south, which the math confirms. They decide to form an away team to rescue any survivors, hopefully recover any pack beasts or mounts, and components of the airship engine room.

Explorer Party - For the Ship Recovery
Helm Brothers
Joseph Olasteen and Max Steel

Home Party (10 days)
At end of downtime period, take roll and add skill bonus to get gp total for work, then convert into appropriate capital
Rurik - Studying bodies (Downtime - Profession Mortician; GP and then Magic) - 15 roll
Bing Bang Bong - Scavenging for (Downtime - Perception (Search); GP and then Goods) - 11 roll
Herbert - Overseeing Construction (Downtime - Diplomacy; Labor) - 10 roll
Jackie Boy - Build still at the orchard (Downtime - Craft Alchemy; Goods) - 19 roll
Ivy - Go and Collect Pear Seeds and Grafts, and Herbs (Downtime - Profession Herbalist; Goods) - 20 roll
Zord - Train Militia (Downtime - Profession Soldier; Labor) - 7 roll
Mac (Abj) - Read Spellbook (Downtime - Spellcraft; Magic) - 14 roll
Lambert - (Downtime - Diplomacy; Influence) - 19 roll
Argos - Train Militia (Downtime - Profession Soldier; Labor) - 18 roll
Ariel - Read Spellbook (Downtime - Spellcraft; Magic) - 8 roll
Rayik - Animal Collaboration (Downtime - Goods; Handle Animal) - 15 Negotiations with White Wolf went well (+16 result)

Leave through Hex 7061 morning of D+7
This is a somewhat dense forest with an air of decay. Swamp to the south. Alders and deadfall litter the area.
Fairly uneventful, nothing out of the ordinary found. Travel takes two days
D+9 enter hex 7062
This is marshy bog, the party trudges on through mosquito swarms. It takes 3 days to get through the swamp and the party brought enough food for 10 days total. Belrack shares some rations with the Helm brothers and Izzna irritatingly shoots her ice breath at the mosquitos clearly unhappy with the location.
D+12 Enter Hex 7063 (Crash Site Beta)
Spend 3 days wandering back and forth; they find an abandoned barn which they spend the 4th day in as a monsoon hits. They end up foraging for resources to get an extra 2 days worth of food, which Bjorn brings back in the form of a mountain goat and Bobbo presents a plump rabbit. That night Klaus comes rushing back out of breath yelling that he has company following him. A massive fight between a group of 4 yetis and one ogrish Yeti brute. They ultimately succeed but are hurt in the conflict, with the helm brothers and Bjorn taking the majority of the damage. They also learn some more about themselves in the fight, as well as their equipment.
Belrack has a flashback to a massive battle, and has his amulet speaking to him throughout the fight. He discovers his dagger is a +1 Dagger of Shock.
Joseph Olasteen discovers his book has healing magic in it by accidentally healing the yeti, and also that it bears the power of the sun, being a +1 Heavy Mace of Fire.
Bjorn's axe is revealed to be a +1 Cleaving Axe (Granting the feat cleave, if he has it he gains an additional cleave attack)
Izzna's Chain is revealed to be a Spiked Chain of the Matriarch, providing a +1 bonus normally, or +3 and +2d6 damage against visibly male living creatures.
The loot from the Yetis equals out to be another 6 days worth of food, as well as 20 gp and a handful of gems; a Chrysoprase (35 gp), (sardonyx (40 gp), Amethyst (100gp), and an Aquamarine (450 gp) .

XP Awards

RP: Belrack 300 xp, Lambert 300 xp, Herman 100 xp, Rayik 700xp, Klaus 300 xp, Bobbo 100 xp
Yeti Encounter: 4x CR4s + 1 CR6 / 9 = 1200 xp each: Bobbo, Helm Brothers, Belrack, Bjorn, Joseph Olasteen, Max Steele, Klaus, Izzna
Exploring 7061: Bobbo, Helm Brothers, Belrack, Bjorn, Joseph Olasteen, Max Steele, Klaus, Izzna = 100xp
Exploring 7062: Bobbo, Helm Brothers, Belrack, Bjorn, Joseph Olasteen, Max Steele, Klaus, Izzna = 100 xp
Exploring 7063: Bobbo, Helm Brothers, Belrack, Bjorn, Joseph Olasteen, Max Steele, Klaus, Izzna = 125 xp


Next session D+17
Note: If they don't make it back in time to town for the members of town who hold positions on the council to attend their duties they will be treated as vacant and receive a vacancy penalty. The exception is Izzna who spent the first week doing her duty as councillor, Bobbo as the Chief Architect, Herman as the mayor, and Argos training the troops.
*Note: Elasthriel the unicorn identified by Inero the Pseudodragon.
*Note: Winter Wolf called Laiko
*Note: People living next to lake, and possible wolf worshipping tribesman near the mountains