Session 4 Fresh Start

To deal with before Start

Feats for Issna, 1st and 3rd level, Gear in possession now, Background story

Klaus - Sheet

Bjorn - Gear

  • Drawbacks - Klaus (Hedonistic), Bjorn (Doubt), Issna (Provincial)

The party begins the session in the room with the dead meat cube in the butcher shop, searching it and finding a set of Mwk Butcher's tools, and an Adamantine Meat Cleaver (Throwing Axe).

The party begins clearing out the rest of the dwarven stronghold, splitting up slightly for expediency. The first 3, Belrack, Issna, and Klaus, find a child's dormitory, populated by four child zombies who lumber towards them. They are dispatched fairly easily, however, when Issna slices one of them in half vertically, they are disgusted to see it start to return to undeath and turn towards them. It is quickly killed. They loot the room afterwards, finding all manner of children's toys, sets of dice, alcohol, dried meat sticks, and pipe tobacco.

The other 3, Bjorn, Stanley, and Max Steele, check out the kitchen. There is a good chunk of silverware, an ivory figurine of a dwarven wizard, and cooking goods, particularly spices, honey, and preserved fruit and meat. A dead dwarven skeleton lays in there unmoving, so it seems clear of threats, but when the oven is opened a flying ghoulish head pops out to screech and attack Bjorn, who dispatches it quickly.

They reunite before checking out the lavatory, which is uneventful. In the lavatory, 20 bars of scented soap are in a crate next to the bathtubs. Belrack takes 5, Bjorn takes 3. They are quite amused and impressed by the waste disposal system below the toilets leading into lava.

The party argues for a bit about the ivory figurine, as Bjorn had Belrack appraise it, and doesn't trust him, thinking he's being lowballed. They then finally decide to check out the doorway leading to the library.

To Do After Game

Fix all Character Sheets (Need Armour, and CMB/CMD Line, and drawback)
Update levelled characters (Bjorn Done)
Sort out XP math

For next game: Ensure that party is told they found a key to the library front door in the engineer room.