Skum Island

The party goes to investigate rumours of magical activity on an unnamed island in the center of the massive Aiiro lake. When they pull up to the island, it's first seen as a looming tall crescent shape like the bow of an upturned ship, and as they come around they see it's thrust out of the lake in a pincer shape, like a large letter C when looked down upon. At the center of the island, along the gradual slope of the northern side, there appears to be volcano slowly venting smoke and occasional drips of magma that dribble down the north side of the island. The south side drops off sharply, and at the bottom of the steep cliffs there is thick fresh foliage and amongst them, wooden structures spreading outwards from the central cove. The cove itself appears to protected by the elements, with very little wind coming in past the protective mountain's arms. Two person canoes are tied to stakes all along the glittering black sand of the beaches, and a central dock has a single large cargo ship docked with nobody on board.

Points to Hit

  • Aboleth has been mind controlling the villagers at this settlement into willful obedience, using it's mind affecting powers to keep the abovewater dwellers happy satisfied. This is aided by an underwater plant that his Skum are cultivating which acts as a sort of mild ecstacy.
  • The locals have started sacrificing their elders to the Aboleth, being promised that their soul will live on forever within the island's calm waters and keep the volcano at bay. In actual fact the aboleth just likes absorbing their accumulated knowledge and has been using that to get a handle on the geography and political landscape of it's new surroundings.
  • It has been stuck in this cavern since the Tarrasque rose and the seismic shift happened.
  • It uses waterborne slaves to interact with the Sahuagin in the main lake, his old subjects, and has them wage war against the Kraken in the East so that when he gets out the Aboleth will have uncontested control of this Lake and surrounding area.
  • The lake itself is connected to the deeper ocean, through underwater highway tunnels that opened up when the Tarrasque Mountains fell, and in fact all major oceans are accessible through it now.
  • The aboleth would prefer to live on unmolested, and can be convinced to keep on as the supervisor and patron of this island, but it does want freedom to the Lake, saying that the whole lake and it's area would fall under his tentacled protection. All it asks for is the memories of the dying elderly. It can also pacify the restless populace for them if they wish.
  • It is enraged when it learns of the God's emergence in this part of the world, citing the attractiveness of Uppholm to it's brethren solely because it was isolated from the Gods and their fawning followers.