Stan Silvertongue



Friend in Every Town: You have no problem making friends and learning information from them wherever you go. You gain a +1 trait bonus on all Knowledge (local) checks and Diplomacy checks. One of these skills (Diplomacy) is always a class skill for you.
Mentored: A tutor or private instructor guided you in learning your art, profession, or trade, and through your education, you became capable of teaching and guiding others. Choose a single Craft, Perform, or Profession skill. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks with that skill (Perform Drums). You also gain a +1 trait bonus when you aid another’s skill check with any skill.


A slim attractive half elf, long silver hair and striking blue eyes. Constantly tapping on things in rhythm, chatters constantly and is an exuberant extrovert.



Actual Name: Stanley Silvertongue


Born to a human mother, Sheera Silvertongue, from a performance troupe that travelled the north after a foray with a wood elf military officer on leave in Silver Falls. He spent his childhood travelling with his mother and her band, eventually playing drums for most their performances. When the Great War broke out, while Stanley was in his teens, the orcs of Grandia had a habit of raiding supply convoys. One of these convoys was carrying medicine required to treat his mother from a virus she had caught while performing for the troops behind the front lines. She didn't die, but was left horribly debilitated by the disease, unable to perform anymore. Needing to support her, as well as feeling the need to help avenge her in some way, he sought out his elven father, Sir Galdrik il'Naturi Davastani, for a job within the army.
His father didn't know the child well, but also didn't want to send any blood of his own unprepared to the front lines, so he arranged for him to join the army as a musician in their band corps. Within that he frequently went to battle with the troops, just behind the main body, trying to drum courage into their bones.
After the war Stanley retired from active duty and returned to Silver Falls to connect with his father, making a living playing in a small military band at military and noble functions and sending money home to help support his mother in her retirement. After a few years of this, having grown into his mid 20's now, he received word that his mother's health had taken a turn for the worse and required full-time medical care. He petitioned his father to bring her to Silver Falls and support her, who agreed on the condition that Stanley did him a favour. Stan was to head north on an expedition funded by the Chartered Company of Northern Land Development, a merchant organization that included both Northwood and Silver Falls nobility, in order to establish a far north settlement and extend Northern sovereignty. His job was to chronicle the voyage and settlement, provide entertainment during the voyage, and use his biracial heritage to act as a link between the elves of Silver Falls and the humans of Northwood. In actuality his father, now a general in the Xallimanian army, didn't want his bastard hanging around Silver Falls as he prepared to marry and saw the expedition as a way to get his son out of the area while he worked on producing a proper heir. If Stanley performed well, then he potentially sowed some familial power in the north for the family name which he could take advantage of, and if he failed or died then he didn't carry the name with him to shame.

Prerequisite to Unlock Info

Use a Musical Instrument - Remember bardic training and vague history as a drum major in the Silver Falls military band during the Great War.