Sundered Souls

Sundered Souls is the name of the continuation of our Noble Wild game.


Game Rules

Classes: All are open to choose.
Races: Most are open to use, as well as the homebrew races on this page.

Past-Lives: Players are united by the traumatic experience of having died and being reborn twice now, making this their third life, hence the name The Thriceborn. This has been a bit taxing on some character's mental well-being, and on others it has even expanded their minds or changed their bodies. Either way players who are playing a reborn character get access to a bonus for having a past life. This could be a bonus feat, a LA+1 race for free, or a spell-like ability, all discussed with the DM before taking.

Contribution Points: Players have the option of earning contribution points for various actions in and out of game which contribute to the development of the setting and story. These CP can then be exchanged for in-game benefits like Action Points (Used in same manner as in Eberron), experience for magic item creation and short term magical enhancement. See the page for details.