The Imprisonment Of The Tarrasque

Many thousands of years ago the Elves of Aiuran found a clan of theirs to be worshipping vile gods, and enslaving lesser races and devils. This was very taboo so they banished the forsaken elves to the great glacier which imprisoned an ancient evil, The Tarrasque. They cursed the race with the responsibility of watching over the beast, thereby enslaving the Drow to the evil they had once chained to themselves.
Later a group of Drow grew disgruntled with this banishment and chose to leave the Glacier land of Infernia and travelled North. Everywhere the tribe went, the land withered away and left nothing but deserts. This tribe called out to whatever dark god would listen to them, and their prayers were answered, providing the tribe with the power to live amongst the desert sands and prosper; but it came with a price. Their bodies were twisted until they only vaguely resembled the noble elves they derived from, and their spirits were darkened. They became the Jubruq, forsaken by all except the darkest most savage of gods.