The Old Oak Keg

A two story pub and tavernhall located in the center of town, serves as a common meeting place and social gathering area for the local townsfolk, as well as a venue for live entertainment. The entertainment usually takes place on the raised stage up on the top story which is ringed with more comfortable padded seating, as well as cheap seats closer to stage. The bar and quieter private booths are below on the main floor which you enter through a set of swinging saloon style doors, though they have do heavier doors behind them to close at night and keep the chill out, as well as the various creatures of the frontier.
Dagvo owns the Keg with his wife Aola, having built it after fleeing from the Communist revolution in Ostivakia. His tavern was one of the first built in town, shortly after the Lumbermill and General Store, and is a fixture of the town's routine and culture. The two run the tavern by themselves, though with the increased workload they've started getting their 14 yr old son Codi to help out where he can and have been talking about possibly hiring on some outside help to bartend and serve.

Owner: Dagvo Strongshield
Bartender: Either Dagvo or his wife Aola; whoever is available

Usual Daily Menu

Breakfast: Smoked deer sausage, Sharp cheese, Chicken Egg, Peach, Flatbread (cost 3sp).
Lunch: Squirrel and Rabbit stew with Potatoes, Carrots and Turnip, Broccoli, Wild Strawberry Jam and Toast (cost 4sp).
Supper: Beef liver, Peas, Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Applesauce (cost 5sp).
Snack: Curds, Peach, Oatmeal (cost 2sp).
Friday Leftovers: Same as above, but cold leftovers, half cost.
Saturday Dinner: Fresh Steak or Roast of whatever Dagvo killed that Friday

Liquor Menu

Liquor Price
Cheap Beer 2 cp/Mug
Dwarven Stout 4 cp/Mug
Imported Shieldlands Lager 1 sp/mug
Apple Brandy 1 sp/glass
Straight Whiskey 5 cp/glass
Potato Shine 2sp/flask
*Elven Golden Rum 25 gp/bottle

The elven golden rum is actually infused with a healing energy and potion components. As such it heals 1 point of damage per glass, of which there are 4 in the bottle, but requires a DC 12+1/glass fortitude save to keep from getting a cumulative -2 dex penalty for the next 8 hours.


Aola sells off the remainder of Dagvo's hunts, or occasionally other game that's brought in on commission, as snacks at anytime throughout the day. Often workers will grab a bundle of deer jerky sticks to take with them to the lumbercamps as an evening snack for themselves, along with a flask of potato shine. Dagvo also frequently brings meat snacks to Malchai's dogs as treats, and feeds his own hunting hound the same.

Item Price
Jerky (Deer, Moose, Caribou, Beef) 3 sp
Sausage (Boar, Moose) 4 sp
Shieldlands Cheese 3 sp
Bread Loaf 3cp fresh, 2cp old

On fridays the Keg serves cold meals and leftovers for half price all day. This started because Dagvo takes Fridays to go hunting, more often than not bringing in a decent sized deer or wild boar for the 2gp supper on Saturday evenings after Coun. Both Friday cheap meals and the Saturday high class dinners are very popular in town; the first because it allows the poorer lumbermen to eat outside of what they can scrounge for themselves, and the Saturday Dinner serves as a get together for the more established and better off members of town. Saturday Dinner is traditionally attended in, perhaps not your best clothing, but not your everyday flannel, and the meal usually consists of a couple of hours of fresh game, live song on stage and liberal amounts of drink passed around.