The Thriceborn

The heroes of the Sundered Souls campaign, so named because of their deaths and reincarnations. Their first life was as a mercenary company working for Ossia during the Great War. One of their missions brought them into a face-off with the wizard Harradin, who had been experimenting with the combination of High Magics and terrorizing Xalliman. In the ensuing showdown the magic backfired and caused a massive arcane explosion which destroyed the citadel they fought in, the nearby town of Lamplight, and killed everyone within a 15 mile radius. Those who died found themselves reincarnated, in animal form, in another world.

Name Class Player XP
Sha-Caw Elan Wizard Caleb 28,550
Symphony Elf Cleric Haley 28,350
Riler Varies John 27,850
Smokey Human Monk Bert 28,100