Old Write-up

Quick Description: A mortal ascends to rank 1 demi-god after performing a feat of amazing strength and fending off hundreds of soldiers so his people could escape an invading army. He awakens to godhood several generations after his death and doesn't know what's going on, let alone that he is a god. Confused He wishes to be home, and in an instant he is standing at the ruins of his old home, his homeland invaded by the nation he fought against decades earlier, his people are enslaved.

A young man sees the fledgeling god on the street and recognizes him from the statues they have built in his image. He takes him in, and then relates to him about what has gone on since his passing. How his people were conquered years later, and had worshipped him as a hero. They now worship him in secret as a god whom they pray nightly to for bravery and freedom from their slavery. When the god has learned of all of this he makes the young man his disciple and starts to unite his people again to rise up against the conquerors and their strange gods. Now he needs to free his people and learn how to become a true god.

Elaborated Synopsis: The mortal, whose name is Theodric(shortened by his friends to Theo, and later known as Saint Theo) stands at the edge of the rift recalling the story of it's formation and reflecting on the events which brought him to the standoff. His sister Eri is on the other side of it and is supposed to sabotage the Sitherin siege weapons

Comes from a proud military heritage. His ancestors of five generations prior all served in the Caanasian military. The last name Ward was awarded his great grandfather Aelthas, after valiantly serving the Caanasian King in battle during the Second Scale War, and personally fending off 6 Sitherin who had managed to penetrate the front lines to strike at the King. His sword was passed down to the eldest son of each generation hence, who swore that it would taste Sitherin blood whenever they were to be called upon. Theodric however is not the eldest son of his family, his older brother Cormic is. Theodric thus became a farmer tending the Ward family farm and in the cold season a smith fashioning high quality weapons and armor for his family and their troops.
Theodric shared the farm with a wife and two children, who died in the raid, as well as his parents, who were becoming too old and weak to man the farm themselves, and his brother's wife and three daughters.
The night of the raid, the whole family, minus Eri who was undercover, was at the Farm enjoying the fall Harvest Festival. Theodric was out in the woods getting some fresh apples off the tree for desert when the Sitherin attacked the farmhouse. All he had on him was his dagger and his hammer, as he ran to the house he grabbed a sickle out of a wheelbarrow by the toolshed and then charged in brandishing the hammer in his right and the sickle in his left. His brother Cormic was badly wounded and was defending the main living room and his children and wife who were inside, wielding Scalebite. He had already killed 6 Sitherin by then, but there were more throughout the house. Theodric snuck up behind two that were flanking his brother and then hooked a Sitherin's arm with the Sickle before bashing it's skull in, as Cormic ran the other through. Cormic told him that Theo's family was upstairs, and he would hold the living room while he went to check on them. Theo ran up the stairs and just as he opened the door he heard the thunderous crash of magic missiles cracking into the side of the house. The floor lurched, and when he opened the door to the bedroom he saw his wife and two children huddled together in the center of the room, only matching eyes for the briefest of moments before the second floor gave out and they plunged to their deaths below. He screamed out and then mad with rage and grief ran downstairs to see if the rest of the family was safe. He saw that the east wall had been blown out by the force magic of the Sitherin mage. His brother lay dead on the floor, Scalebite impaled in a Sitherin corpse in front of him. A Sitherin warrior stood over the remaining family, a bloody axe in hand, a wicked grin on it's ugly snake like face, and the 7 year old corpse of Cormic's youngest daughter. Theodric bellowed with rage and lept on the reptilians back, hooking his sickle in it's shoulder and stabbing wildly in it's back with his dagger. It fell to the ground lifeless and lay there for several seconds before Theo stopped stabbing it, then he reached back and picked up Scalebite and very determinedly walked towards the few Sitherin who remained outside. From there it was a blur of blood and blade which he blocked out of his mind. He awoke the next morning in the ruined living room, his brother's family huddled around his bloody body, Scalebite in one hand, his sickle in the other. Sitherin bodies lay brutally killed all around the farmhouse and the outside. All 20 of the raiding party had been killed, but only his Sister-In-law and two of his three nieces survived.
So he took etched his name in Scalebites blade, sharpened it up, inserted the Jade pieces honoring the kills of his brother and himself, and went to the king to declare his service. The king appointed him to Cormic's old position and then began to mobilize the Caanas army for war. This takes us to the showdown on the Rift two years later. He is in command of a full platoon of men. He knows that his sister Eri is across the bridge preparing to wreak havoc on the Enemy's siege weapons. His Niece Elaina is the second in command of a platoon in the same company as he, and she is inspiring her troops with rousing songs of bloodlust and glory. He awaits the signal to charge, which will be prompted by an explosion Snakeside. Sure enough it comes and the army charges across the bridge as explosions rock the rear lines of the Sitherin army. Caanasian catapults destroy fortifications on the front lines as the troops crash into battle. After 15 minutes of fighting however screams of panic erupt from the back of Caanasian lines. As everyone looks to the sky they see a flight of Force dragons swooping in from the northern mountain range. The order is given to retreat back across the bridge to friendly lines where they can repel the airborne attack. As they retreat Theodric begins to panic because his sister has not made it back yet. He only retreats as far as the Snakeside bridge entrance, where he holds the line, keeping a section of his friends with him and calling for Eri. Eri eventually makes it to them and then hurriedly tells Theo that a hidden division of Sitherin are rapidly advancing, and there is no way that they would be able to hold them off in the state they are now. Theo knows what to do then and orders his men to retreat back across the bridge escorting his sister to safety, and instruct the catapults to fire on the center of the bridge. He then pleads whatever god will hear his call for strength and skill and then slowly allows himself to fall back, still amazingly holding back the Sitherin. He sheathes his sickle in favor of a long cavalry lance which he impossibly uses in one hand to sweep troops off the side of the bridge, while using Snakebite in the other to hack, slash and stab. His men hesitate to order the catapults to fire as instructed because Theo is in the line of Fire but he yells back at them to fire and they do, shattering the bridge underneath him. He falls to his death along with hundreds of Sitherin as the bridge collapses. The snakes charge is stopped.