Towering Oaks

The Capital City of The Republic of Northwood.

People of Interest

List of People in Towering Oaks All people in T.O. of note.

Places of Interest

Stag's Oak - A giant oak tree in the center of town, rumoured to have been blessed by the Grim White Stag, the local nature spirit.

Power Groups

Northwood Republic Council

The Founders: Less an official group and more of a powerful clique. These 5 were the original founders and investors in T.O. and they've sunk a lot of time, money and effort into it's development. They love the town, are fiercely protective of it and will always attempt to do right by the town. Will generally vote together on issues and attempt to sway the popular vote their way as much as possible if they think it's in the best interests of the town. Members consist of Malchai Fairchild, Rianna Woodsman, Aola Strongshield, Dagvo Strongshield, and Bessa Onehorn. The Founders hold a weekly fancy supper Saturday nights in Dagvo's tavern, The Old Oak Keg as a way of discussing matters before the council meeting, gauging the strengths and personalities of newcomers, and networking.

Red Oaks - A splinter group of the Ossian Reds, communist sympathizers imported from Ostivakia. They've set up in Towering Oaks as a union, the Woodsman's Guild, ensuring fair wages for the workers. As the Ossian Reds gain more traction in the country, due to low worker wages and job availability after the war, the Red Oaks become more outspoken and persuasive. Their symbol is a blood red oak tree, they say it symbolizes the wood being soaked with the blood of it's workers, but in truth it was just lazy design from their unimaginative leader; Vlad Ironshield


Size: Large City
+2 Modifier, +10 Danger,
Qualities: 5
(Pg 203 Pathfinder GM Guide)
Population: 18,000
Alignment: LG
Base Value: 19,00 gp
Purchase Limit: 50,000 gp
Spells for Hire Limit: 7th level (Limited)
City Modifiers (Pg 204 GMG, for use with checks made within the city)
Corruption +5, Crime +3, Law +8, Lore +10, Productivity +13, Society +10, Fame +8, Infamy 0, Defense 10

Towering Oaks Legal System
Towering Oaks Town Random Encounter Table


Towering Oaks District Map - District by District Settlement Maps.

Buildings in Towering Oaks

Oldtown District
Building Name Type Location Bonuses Special
Oldtown Sewer System Sewer System Whole District Loyalty +1, Stability +2, Crime +1, Productivity +1 Street gangs occasionally smuggle goods through here
Oldtown North Wall City Wall Northern Land Border Defense +2 Nil
Oldtown West Wall City Wall Western Land Border Defense +2 Nil
Oldtown South Wall (Elf Gate) City Wall Southern Land Border Defense +2 Decorated with a Giant Turtle Shell
Weary Bones District House (Middle Class Workers) A1 Nil Nil
Northwood Ossian Embassy House (Embassy) A2 Nil Nil
Mossy Oaks Graveyard Graveyard A3 Loyalty +1 A lot of victims of the Applewood plague are buried here.
Northwood Woodsman's Guildhall Guildhall A4, A5 Economy +2, Loyalty +1, Law +1, Law +1, Productivity +1; Base Value +1,000 gp; Discount: Pier, Trade Shop Site for many communist meetings
Onehorn Lumbermill Mill A6 Economy +1, Stability +1, Productivity +1 Operated by Bessa Onehorn
Towering Oaks Municipal Office Town Hall B1,B2 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1, Law +1; Discount: Barracks, Dump, Jail, Watchtower Used to be where Town Council met before they turned into the Northwood Council; now is mainly a community run council for co-ordinating town services. Capitalist often meet here.
Hammer and Axe Square Monument B3 Loyalty +1 A commemorative Communist monument, celebrating all they've done for the town. Communist rallies often begin their marches here
Earthfate Monument Monument B4 Loyalty +1 A large stone dwarf, modelled after Ygin Earthfate, celebrating opening the quarry
The Simple Shipwright Inn B5 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Society +1, Base Value +500 gp Frequented by lumberjacks shipping in wood to be processed at the mill.
Dockside Housing House B6 Nil Housing men who work the mill and the docks
The People's Park Park C1 Loyalty +1 Built by Vlad and the Communist party when he took office as a show of good faith.
The People's Well Cistern C1 Stability +1 Provides fresh water for the common Oldtown residents.
Greenthistle Herbs Herbalist C2 Loyalty+1, Stability +1, 1 Minor Potion Provides minor medical aid for the common folk in Oldtown; provides low level healing potions, oils, and salves.
Noble Nymph Dance Hall (Brothel) C3 Economy+1, Loyalty +2, Corruption +1, Crime +1 A Bar/Brothel frequented by the Oldtown workers and soldiers. Allegedly shuts its doors on occasion for entertaining high profile clients.
Lazlo and Son Smithy (Weapon and Armor Smith) C4 Economy +1. Stability +1 Was Lazlo's Hammers before his son's birth.
Oldtown Emergency Granary Granary C5 Loyalty +1, Stability +1, 5 BP of food stored for consumption Full of wheat for emergency cases, and when the town guard is mobilized.
Davhand's Dockside Amenities Shop C6 Economy +1, Productivity +1; Base Value +500 gp Built by Davhand Loyallar to supply his workers with basic daily goods. Currently boarded up due to his death. The Loyallar family has set a sale price on it at 900 gp
Frozen Oak Academy Military Academy D1, D2 Loyalty +2, Stability +1, Fame +1, Law +1, Lore +1; 1 Minor Weapon, Armor, or Shield, 1 Medium Weapon, Armor, or Shield; Armies and Commanders get one bonus tactic Teaches prospective military commanders and recruits. Has recently started working on building an active army to occupy the Garrison in the Sage District and extend their borders.
Acorn Estates House D3 Nil Upper Middle Class housing, local business owners mainly. (Magical Streetlamps;Crime -1)
Sharpest Nail Trade Shop (Carpenter) D4 Economy +1, Stability +1, Productivity +1, Base Value +500 gp Owned by Khaleb Whittler; who carved an incredible moving Stag clockwork statue that prances around a fountain in front of the Municipal Office
Ougrox's Explodables Alchemist D5 Economy +1; Base Value +1,000 gp; 1 minor wondrous item Currently being run by his apprentice, as Ougrox is gone off on his adventure north of the wall.
Loyallar Northern Docks Pier D6 Economy +1, Stability +1, Crime +1; Base Value +1,000 gp Ships lumber and Mithral smelted at the foundry and shipped south to the Loyallar family in Ossia; several warehouses are home to local Ork gangs of smugglers and crooks.
Northwood Morganite Temple Temple E1, F2 Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Discount: Graveyard, Shrine; 2 Minor Wondrous Items Priests are responsible for the annual Reaping of the Construct festival in September.
Applewood Cidery Brewery E2 Loyalty +1, Stability +1 Provides cider and ale made from local apples and wheat from southern Northwood
Old Oak Keg Tavern E3 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Corruption +1; Base Value +500 gp Owned by Dagvo Strongshield; is the traditional meeting place for visiting adventurers and diplomats.
Malchai's General Store Shop E4 Economy +1, Productivity +1; Base Value +500 gp Owned by Malchai Fairchild; ran by a manager since his Chairman duties intensified. The General Store is one of the first buildings built in Towering Oaks and is a throughfare for all building supplies intended for the settlement.
Founder Estates Mansion E5 Stability +1, Law +1, Society +1 Built for the original Founder's of the town. Since moving into the Sage District Earthfate Estates they've been occupied by newer wealthy business owners.
Loyallar Metals Northern Mithril Smeltery Foundry E6, F6 Economy +1, Stability +1, Productivity +1; Increase Economy by 1 and BP/turn +1 for connection to Mithril Mine in 102,98 (B8) Connected to the Northeast Mithril Mine, smelts Mithril for Loyallar smiths in South Ossia.
Inner Oaks Jailhouse Jail F2 Loyalty +2, Stability +2, Crime -1, Law +1 Currently home to a number of violent Nationalist rioters
Old Oak Shields Guardhouse Barracks F3 Defense +2, Law +2 Housing the Old Oak Shields company of soldiers who act as the town guard.
Elf Gate Watchtower Watchtower F4 Defense +2, Stability +1 Built in response to attacks from mounted elven raiders
Oak Saddle Stables Stable F5 Economy +1, Loyalty +1; Base Value +500 gp Owned by Malchai Fairchild, provides horses and oxen for traders leaving the city.
Sage District
Sage District Sewers Sewer System Sage District Loyalty +1, Stability +2, Crime +1, Productivity +1; Discount: Cistern, Dump /
South Village Memorial Hospital Hospital A5, A6 Loyalty +1, Stability +2, Lore +1, Productivity +2 Was built in response to a plague in Applewood Crossing, soon after it's settlement. Is largely a teaching hospital now, treating workplace injuries from the docks and teaching young medics from the Military Academy
Fairchild Manor Noble Villa B1,B2 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Stability +1, Fame +1, Society +1; Discount: Luxory Store Built to house the seated Chairman of Northwood
The Rusty Spear Tavern E3 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Corruption +1; Base Value +500 gp Opened up as a university hangout but quickly became a soldier's bar.
Northwood Capital Garrison Garrison E5,E6 Loyalty +2, Stability +2; Discount: City Wall, Granary, Jail Currently mostly unoccupied, has slowly been building a unit from Academy graduates.
[Northwood Republic Hall Palace C1,C2,D1,D2 Economy +2, Loyalty +6, Stability +2, Fame +1, Law +2; Base Value +1,000 gp Built to celebrate the formation of the nation of Northwood and house the newly formed Republic Council. An opulent symbol of Northwood's rising prosperity; frequented by Ossian and Xallimanian diplomats and nobles.
Grand Oaks Magical Academy Magical Academy C3,C4 Economy +2, Fame +1, Lore +2, Society +1; 3 Minor Scrolls, 1 Medium Scrolls; Discount: Caster's Tower, Library, Magic Shop Built after the republic's formation to bring in educated settlers and students and build their reputation. Home to a wondrous artifact called the Truesight Chamber, that can find anything and anyone unerringly. Players making a Knowledge (Arcana) check here get a 2 bonus.
Northern Sage Dormitories House C5 Nil Student Housing for the Magical Academy and Bard's College; is frequently patrolled by town guard due to the propensity for explosions caused by experimenting students.
Songbird Park Park C6 Loyalty +1 The traditional student park, frequented by lounging musicians and magicians. Also the site of the annual Reaping of the Construct religious festival.
Songbird Well Cistern C6 Stability +1 Well in the center of Songbird Park
Northern Stag College of the Arts Bardic College D3,D4 Economy +1, Loyalty +3, Stability +1, Fame +1; 2 Minor Wondrous Items; Discount: Library The first educational building built in the Sage District. Talented musicians and adventurers come from all over the North to hone their skills.
Pendleton's Pages Library D5 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Lore +1 Sells mainly textbooks and scrolls for the students in the area. Occasionally has rare lorebooks sitting back in the stacks.
Lumen's Illuminations Trade Shop (Candlemaking) D6 Economy +1, Stability +1, Productivity +1; Base Value +500 gp Provides Candles, Lanterns and Everburning Lamps for students at the colleges
Earthfate Estate Mansion E1 Stability +1, Law +1, Society +1 Home of the members of the Republic Council; beautiful solid stone houses built with Ygin Earthfate's quarried stone and marble
Songbird Stage Theater E2, E3 Economy +2, Stability +2; Discount: Brothel, Exotic Artisan, Inn, Park, Tavern Built to give a stage to the many aspiring bards at the college.
Northwood Capital University University E3,E4,F3,F4 Economy +3, Loyalty +3, Fame +1, Lore +4; 2 Minor Scrolls, 2 minor wondrous items, 1 medium scroll, 1 medium wondrous items; Discount: Academy, Bardic College, Library, Magical Academy, Museum Brand new university, one of the larger in the north.
Museum of Northern History Museum E5, F5 Economy +1. Loyalty +1, Fame +1, Lore +2, Society +1 A government funded museum that displays artifacts found during settlement and expansion, as well as locally created art and craft. Players get a +2 lore bonus to Knowledge (History) and apply the Lore bonus on appraise checks for art objects.
The Winter Fox's Wands Exotic Artisan (Wand Crafter) E6 Economy +1, Stability +1; 1 Minor Wand Creates low level wands for students at the Northern Stag and Grand Oaks.
Southern Sage Dormitories House F1 Nil Houses students at the university.
The Open Book Tavern F6 Economy +1, Loyalty +1, Corruption +1; Base Value +500 gp Student bar; often more rowdy than the soldier's bar and a usual stopping point for adventurers.
Smith Rapids District
Smith Rapids Sewers Sewer System Smith Rapids District Loyalty +1, Stability +2, Crime +1, Productivity +1; Discount: Cistern, Dump /
Loyallar Metals Ironworks Foundry A6, B6 Economy +1, Stability +1, Productivity +1; Economy +1, BP/Turn +1 from connected mine. Discount: Smithy Smelts the Iron pulled out of the Iron Mine in the hills of 102,102 (H7)
Loyallar Tomb Monument B4 Loyalty +1 Built in the wake of the Loyallar Assassination that rocked the town in the summer of 1450.
Ironhull Estates House B5 Nil Houses workers at the Foundry and Waterfront.
Smith Rapids Waterfront Waterfront C5,C6,D5,D6 Economy +4, Productivity +2, Base Value +4,000 gp; 2 Minor Wondrous items, 1 Medium Wondrous Item, 1 Major Wondrous Item; Discount: Black Market, Guildhall, Pier A perpetually busy shipyard, constant trade coming and going. Also brought in a number of criminals, who've taken to stealing goods off the ships and reselling them for cheap in rudimentary black market.

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