Towering Oaks Development Month 2 April1446

Towering Oaks Kingdom Sheet April 1446
Starting: Unrest +1, BP 15

New Monument will be built immediately.

Current date for Game session 6 is Saturday morning the 6th of April, the day before Week 1 council meetings; as we go through the steps, erase instructions and replace with results.

Week 1 Upkeep

Unrest went up 1 last month with the brothel, but was immediately lowered by 1 with the monument being put in place, goes up another +1 due to lack of a spymaster.

  • Step 1—Determine Kingdom Stability: Attempt a Stability check vs DC 21. If you succeed, Unrest decreases by 1 to 0. If you fail by 4 or less, Unrest increases by 1; if you fail by 5 or more, Unrest increases by 1d4.
  • Step 2—Pay Consumption: Pay 1BP = 14 BP afterwards
  • Step 3—Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots:
  • Step 4—Modify Unrest: Should be 0 if stability check succeeds.

Week 2 Improvement

  • Step 1—Assign Leadership: Vote on changes
  • Step 2—Claim and Abandon Hexes: Claim Hex E5 and D4 (Cost 2 BP)
  • Step 3—Build Buildings: Suggested a graveyard (4BP, Loyalty +1) to bury the dead and use remaining BP to create a proper army. This is denied as there is not quite enough food to feed an army at this time, however they will begin bringing supplies in and building farms to support the army.
  • Step 4—Build Terrain Improvements: Build a road from Towering Oaks to Quarry (hex D4 and E5, will cost 3 BP with the discount in the one hex. Will get +1 Economy after that due to controlling 4 roads. Spend another 4BP turning 1 forest hex at E5 into farmland. (House-rule: Forest requires 4BP per hex in order to clear the hex for farmland)
  • Step 5—Create and Improve Settlements: Nil
  • Step 6—Create Army Units: Initial cost is that initial month's base consumption. Base consumption for a regular 500 man huge militia unit is 4 Consumption/month, and if ranged it'll cost 2BP outright and then total 8 Consumption/month. So in this case, a ranged militia unit would cost 10 bp to stand-up (8+2 for ranged), and then the next month in week 1 you would calculate the 8 consumtion into the consumption portion.
  • Step 7—Issue Edicts:
  • Closing Remarks: Suggest for next month that they build a stockyard to get the most out of the farms. This would probably be best in the Towering Oaks hex itself, once E4, F4, G5 and E6 have been converted to farmland in the future, would give and extra 6 consumption total.

(Overall Cost = 13 BP, leaves 1 BP in treasury)

Week 3 Income

  • Step 1—Make Withdrawals from the Treasury:
  • Step 2—Make Deposits to the Treasury:
  • Step 3—Sell Expensive Items for BP:
  • Step 4—Collect Taxes:

Week 4 Event

  • Step One: Intelligence Briefing
  • Step Two: Confirm Leadership roles
  • Step Three: Tally up Fame/Infamy and Prestige Points also make an account of Capital for the Party
  • Step Four: Send off party evaluation to Adventurer's Guild