Tukadian Chronicles

Tukadian Al'Jin - WoW Troll Mage, my first caster character - First Tukadian
Tukadian Vaurignis - Pathfinder Play-by-post Campaign with Caleb; human wizard from Almas, Andoran; merchant turned mage - Most Recent
Ramsay Tieldan - Pathfinder Society character in Neil's Campaign.

The Tukarmories

Artifacts and gear belonging to the various Tukadian's

Truthseeker: (Tukadian Vaurignis) A Masterwork Dagger crafted by Tukadian's father, a somewhat notable Andorian blacksmith, which serves as the mage's Bonded Item. It is well balanced steel and perfectly suited to a throwing dagger, with a wide flared blade and a solid iron hilt. As Tukadian uses it over and over with his Hand of The Apprentice and to deliver his touch spells it absorbs aspects of magical essence and slowly grows in power alongside him, with some gentle nudging and forging from Tukadian himself.

Vaurignis Holy Symbol: A trinity of holy symbols combined into one; a silver scroll to represent Asmodeous, an iron warhammer for Torag, and a golden key of Abadar. Is both a poersonal holy symbol and a variant symbol of his family name.

Gnomefoot: This is all that remains of a poor dead gnomish Tukadian; who, possessed by a cursed Staff of Obsession, charged into fiery battle with a demilich and was blown to bits. This foot was preserved by his massive lizardfolk party member who swore that he would regrow his mage friend once he had earned enough coin to do so. It unfortunately never came to pass.