Across the mountain range to the north is a savage land ruled over by monstrous beasts. When the Tarrasque was released, the walls came down, and a whole nation previously undiscovered was laid open for settlers to flood into, settlers who soon found that the land they sought to claim wasn't quite so untouched. A millennia old curse laid over the land prevented any of it's humanoid inhabitants from using magic of any kind, which also prevented any influence from deities or devils, and with the wall's destruction so too was the curse broken down. Now, as settlers flood north, so does religion, infernal influence, cult activity, and magic of all kinds, in what has been deemed "The God Rush".
Inspiration: Dwarf Fortress, Early Frontier Era Northern Canada, Medieval Europe, Viking Era Norway/Sweden

Minor Power Groups

Tribe of the White Wolf - Mostly human raiders who prey on outlying settlements and convoys. Loosely allied with ogres in the mountains who pay fealty to the same Winter Wolf.

River Otter Clan - Amiable Shamanistic Human tribe. Settlement on the north side of Aiiro lake, north of the human town on the shore line.

Krakenmaw Raiders - Coastal based savage raiders who live both along the eastern coast of Aiiro Lake, which they refer to as Kraken Lake. They are inherently evil and vicious. Often raid other coastal settlements for supplies, though they don't sail, instead riding sharks, calling upon sea creatures, or turning into Squid. The majority of their group are Weresquid Humans, and they have a close alliance with Sahuagin, who also revere the cruel Kraken which rules over their lake. They are intensely at odds with the Aboleth who lives in the central island of Deeprune Mountain, as he has been compelling members of their tribe to join him.

Thunder Lizard Clan - Barbarian clan that lives far to the east over top of a portal to a dinosaur inhabited mirro universe caused by an ancient meteor strike.

Thuul's Kommandos - A nazi outpost, pulled over to this plane with a combination of an occult ritual on their side and the godsdeath wave in this world.