A Grandian valley community not far from the south-eastern border of Ossia. The hometown of Geon Sarinious and his family. It was a peaceful farming village until the horrible event which came to be known as "The Night of the Bloody Blind".
Wattowan nobles had been talking of defecting to Ossia, as Wattowa seemed better suited to the peaceful trade and industry focussed nation of Ossia, than the tyrannical militaristic nation of Grandia. Grandia could not allow such a prosperous lot of land to defect; for reasons of both military strategy and national pride. So it's leaders gave leave to some of it's most morally reprehensible wizards to teach the town a lesson, and let Wattowa serve as an example to any other possible uprisings.
On this terrifying night several powerful Grandian wizards came to the town and unleashed a wave of summoned demons upon the town, which razed it to the ground. Wattowan citizens who were slain had their corpses harvested of organs which the wizards required for Arcane experiments, most notably their eyes. Those villagers who survived the initial onslaught were deemed strong enough to stand up to the Wizard's despicably transmutation experiments, and were taken as test subjects. Most notable of these was a wealthy trader named Emik, who would become the disciple of Bahamut, Geon Sarinious.
The remainder of the Wattowans, approximately 15, taken that night did not have as strong a will as Geon, and so they suffered much worse fates. There has been little word concerning the results of those experiments, untill lately when a horrifically mutated half-blue-dragon field officer was revealed to be a former Wattowan.

DM Info

The monstrosities created by that night's experiments are serving in several places in the Grandian military now. They all fall under command of one person however; the great wizard Vizardjeen, who was the grand architect of "The Night of The Bloody Blind". His two greatest successes, a multi-headed hydra crossbreed and a powerful mutant half-red dragon, serve as his personal bodyguards.