The Nature of Divinity

Major Events

The Imprisonment of the Tarrasque - In Progress
Minotaur Slavery
Grandian Tribe Unification - The formation of the nation, subject of the video game, "An Orc's Story"


Afghanistan Campaign
Sundered Souls - The new campaign following the adventure's of The Thriceborn.


Obsidian Spear of Kings - Written by Jean Knight

Short Stories

Becoming a Godslayer - The origin of Godslayer Ivo and his journals.
Fleeing the Revolution - The origin of Ygin Earthfate and the tale of his flight from Communist Ostivakia during the revolution.
Drakeblood Clan Journal - A translated journal found in a kobold camp, details a possible ancient crossing of the Devilspine Mountain Range.
Birth of a Sorcerer - The origin of Morgan Fitzholglen, as written by Scott Stream.
Geon's Passages - Written by Jean Knight

Player Contributions

You can gain in-game xp and benefits for contributing to the lore development, so write whatever you want down here!
Gaston - Rival to Aywin and skilled bounty hunter.
The Noble Girl - Priest Pagel recalls his first few months with a young Joan.